KAUST Global Employee Savings Plan
Join the plan

To enroll in the Plan, either download the Enrollment form from this site or obtain a copy from the KAUST Human Resources Department.

Online Savings Election Change

To submit a request for a change in your Savings contribution rate, please fill out the Online Savings Election Change form.

Designate your beneficiary

It’s important to name a beneficiary for your account and update your information if necessary. Print and complete the Beneficiary Designation form from this site.

Roll over money from a previous employer’s plan

Consider consolidating your retirement savings from your previous employer’s plan into the Global Employee Savings Plan. Print and complete the Rollover form from this site.

Submit your distribution request

Complete and return the Termination/Distribution form to receive distribution of your Plan account.

Summary plan description

For more information about the Savings Plan, refer to the Summary Plan Description.

Mail all your completed forms to

Human Resources Department
4700 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Thuwal 23955-6900
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Or email to: Benefits@kaust.edu.sa

Ready to join?
Complete and return the Savings Plan Enrollment and Beneficiary forms.

Log on to your account
You will need your Account Number and PIN provided by KAUST Human Resources.
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Contact Us
You can contact the KAUST Human Resources Department at +966-670-8694