KAUST Global Employee Savings Plan
Your Plan's Rules

Your Plan has specific rules that govern your account. By understanding these rules you will get more out of your Plan. These rules cover how you can: (1) manage your Plan account, (2) invest your money and (3) access your money.

  1. Manage your plan account
    Make changes to your account if you move or have a life-changing event, and learn how to keep your account up to date.

  2. Invest your money
    Learn how to get started in your Plan — or change how your money is invested.

  3. Access your money
    If you retire or leave KAUST, learn what you will need to do to take your money out of the Plan.

All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest.

Ready to join?
Complete and return the Savings Plan Enrollment and Beneficiary forms.

Log on to your account
You will need your Account Number and PIN provided by KAUST Human Resources.
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Contact Us
You can contact the KAUST Human Resources Department at Benefits@kaust.edu.sa